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slang term for something extreme. Used in bad and good cases.

Originated from the word gnarled.
That was a fucking gnarly wreck man, that dudes head flew off.

Did you see that new Local Motion board? It is gnarly.
by raecerex May 06, 2004
Origin from Hemmoroid.

Lazyness creates all words in one way or another...
Your a hemmie holdin' half a sissy!
Beat it hemmie.
by raecerex May 06, 2004
A hermaphrodite. Or a gender of either species that is just balled up beyond sexuality.
Did you see the hermaph at the pool?
by raecerex May 06, 2004
A servant to more popular kids in schools mostly, but also sometimes found in the workplace.

Toady has been around forever man.
Tell one of the toadies to bring me a beer!
Fuckin toadies, hook my up with some change.
by raecerex May 06, 2004

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