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Short for Sony Online Entertainment. Possibly the worst game developers, EVER. Creating games devoid of any real content and stuck in beta. They butchered Everquest. They created Star Wars Galaxies. Just aviod liking or playing anything they make. You will regret it when you descover the game you were suppost to be buying instead of EQ 2.
"SOE. Those bastards could not pull a good MMORPG out their ass if they tried."
by Ctiger December 02, 2004
The name of a legendary frog worshipping faggot.
Tahnok is a toadie.

Shut the fuck up and go suck LF's cock.
by Ctiger August 26, 2004
illwillpress, the most overrated flash artist on the internet.

Illwillpress decided to start using flash to animate his not very successful comic series about a goth chick called Germaine and her odd couple friend, Foamy the squirrel. When his site was not getting any hits, he decided to start subitting the series to Newgrounds.com in an attempt to get some fans. His first few flash animations about Germaine were good and very successful, everyone liked the series. Then he introduced Foamy. Things started going downhill from there. He started getting lazy and started relying on Foamy motion tweening and ranting about something around the screen to make a cartoon with no real effort put into it whatsoever. While his idiot fans kept eating this crap up, the other flash animators on the site were getting pissed off at him, because he was stealing their awards by making these while the other flash animators that spent months on their flash got shit. He continues to do this everyday and his overrated fame is growing. He is still pumping out the same old cartoons to this day, and will never stop. He does not even care about Newgrounds or any other website he submits too, because he is an overrated, money hungry, talenless hack.

Vote 0 for the sake of humanity.
illwillpress is a talenless hack.
by Ctiger October 29, 2004

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