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A Chinese abbreviation for "Damn it"
TMD, I dented my tuba
by Bin September 07, 2003
Muslim acronym for: The Muslim Dream

Somebody who is both religious, and the hottest thing ever.
Who is that ridiculously delicious human being, praying?

That stud is TMD.
by craftierthanu May 20, 2010
1. Territorial Missile Defence. The deployment of anti-missile interceptors and detectors to render a small territory (eg an island democracy) safe from missile attack by a continental adversary (eg a mainland dictatorship). This term is largely used to describe hotspots like Taiwan, Israel, and downtown LA.

2. A virulent Chinese curse, as per WMD and NMD. This is usually used of a thing or person in the third person. The meaning is somewhat akin to "that jerk" or "this useless piece of crap". Literally it means "of its/his/her mother".
1. President Bush: "China is a strategic competitor and we will sell Taiwan submarines and anti-missile defences and advanced naval technologies but China is our ally in the war against terror so we will not supply anything that would disturb the status quo and we support the One China policy and the Taiwanese people should be entitled to hold their own elections without military response from the mainland and could you please stop selling such cheap bras and panties please? We'll promise not to sell Taiwan a TMD if you do."

2. Chinese President Hu Jintao: "WTF is Bush talking about?"

Taiwanese President Chen Shui-Bian: "Dude, I don't know. TMD."

Chinese President Hu Jintao: "Damn straight. TMD. Nice spliff, BTW."

Taiwanese President Chen Shui-bian: "Thx."
by HMB March 12, 2004
Acronym for The Michigan Difference.

It's the catch phrase for university programs at the University of Michigan, but it is generally used sarcastically by the student body as a punch line to statements regarding UM-stereotypes.

Reference for more examples.
Just saw somebody walk by a homeless man and completely blow him off, then kneel down to feed a piece of bread to a squirrel. TMD

Our bathroom stalls have more intellectual thought than the entire MSU undergrad curriculum. TMD
by Maizin' Blue March 22, 2011
他媽的 meaning f*ck in Chinese. In the phonetic system it is spelled "ta ma de". That's where the TMD comes from.
1. Aw, TMD! She didn't pickup and I have called her 5,000 times already.

2. Stop TMDing with me. It ain't cool bro.
by UrbanPerson June 15, 2015
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