too much drama
TMD means a man or woman says twitter,facebook,snapchat and .etc is causing too much drama for them
by getreallfoeever September 07, 2015
Too Much Dick
Guy 1:*COUGH*
Guy 2: TMD BRUH?
by EmperorS September 18, 2011
When you give an explosive hand job (when you touch a guys dick and he immediately cums)
He pulled a TMD last night
by bigdix69 April 20, 2015
To request a salad-toss by saying, "tounge my dumper", or, "TMD".
TMD, baby, TMD.
by ntorres October 08, 2010
An acronym for "tugging my dick".
Person 1: "Did you see the new celeb leaks yet?"
Person 2: "Already TMD."
by BudasaurusRex October 03, 2014
Acronym: Too Much Drama
The plastics at my high school have TMD.
by Remle Mas December 10, 2007
Can be used in a couple ways.
1. Touch My Dick

2. Touching My Dick

3. Touches My Dick

And can even be used in other ways like:

4. Touch YOUR Dick, etc.

5. Touch HIS/HER Dick, etc.
1. "Oh yeah bitch? Tmd."

2. "Hey what are you doing?" "I'm tmd."

3. "I hope she tmd."

4. "Smd? I'll tyd."

5. "What did you do with him?" "I tmd..."
by Oh yeah? Wanna go? July 10, 2010

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