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A Chinese abbreviation for "Damn it"
TMD, I dented my tuba
by Bin September 07, 2003
1: Most beautiful girl.
2: A member of the inner whorl of a flower, usually soft and coloured conspicuously.
Person 1: "Wow that look there, I've never seen anything so beautiful, what is it?"
Person 2: "A Petal."
by bin September 17, 2004
when someone has he thing that makes u just want to snuggle up next to them and hold them in your arms forever
tessas snugtastic
by Bin August 05, 2003
any wood from the islands of Bali.
Person 1: "Wow Bill thats a beautiful wooden table, what wood is it?"
Person 2: "Baliwood"
by bin September 02, 2004
ShizzNizz derived from BizzNizz. 1st heard in the movie Orange County a stoned Jack Black, says "...and this little piggy's gonna be lauging all the way to the BizzNizz.." while mentioning his T-shirt business idea. BizzNizz an excellent money making scheme.ShizzNizz is is anything good, positive, awesome. ShizzNizz can be shortened to Shizz.
"This new vegan friendly, 5 minute pasta and sauce, is the ShizzNizz"
by bin August 25, 2004
opposite of tricked in.
the act of gently excluding someone who is slow and has no ball skills. so if someone is a liability to winning they need to be tricked out ie. put on the bench, or sent to find refreshments.
"where's Bob"
"he's been tricked out and is getting the beer"
by bin August 26, 2004
caustic: a chemical substance that burns or destroys living tissue.

yellocaust: the yellow stain that certain chemical substances will leave behind after burning and destroying living tissue.
Scientist 1: "Holy crap, you're missing some fingers and your hand is a weird yellow colour, what happened?"
Scientist 2: "I was messing around in the lab and then I slipped....yah it's all fun and games till someone puts there hand in the caustic chemical substance with the yellocaust side effect."
by bin September 02, 2004
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