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a place in Australia but also the act of the female appendage leaping from it's cotton, underwired prison.
Can be used as an expression of pleasure...or to fill a gap in conversation.
i want to go to tittybong

look at that titty bong!

tittybong ahhh
by stone flint May 31, 2004
444 538
An amazing bong with a huge bowl pack and slide. The only difference is this bong has a tit on the end to inhale throught the nipple and it is one of the greatest inventions in toking history. Mostly men buy the infamous tittybong but occasionally a lesbian might want to buy a tittybong if of course she is comfortable with munching of the carpet.
Ryan:Dude pass the tittybong brah I need something on Valentines
Steve:Alright dudeski but take it easy on her
by tittybong master February 15, 2014
84 178