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to grab hold of a chicks boobs and ass and enjoy it!
guy1: how was your date last night?
guy2: i totally titted her within the first 5 minutes!
guy1: NICE!!!!
by Token444 July 04, 2010
2 4
Having huge, firm tits.
Titted milf rides the d-train.
by Sam Machi April 14, 2008
11 1
The act of being hit in the face by a pair of large breasts
"shit man, my face is sore, got heavy titted at that gig last night"
by Willie. B. Hardigan August 02, 2008
8 2
getting baked,drunk or buzzed
"yeah we were hella titted the other night
by Shoe_9mm April 06, 2008
7 3
Outfitted with tits.
She's got a great body. It's not very well titted, but she's fit.
by KingKane August 16, 2009
3 1
The past tense of getting tit (when someone rubs their boobs on you).
Tiffany: "Oh baby I'm going to tit you so hard."
*The next day*
Sam: "Tiffany titted me so hard last night."
Jack: "You go girl!"
by grand master yiff June 26, 2014
0 0
A mens t-shirt, jumper or jacket becomes 'titted' when worn by a large breasted female and the front chest area has become saggy.
Aw come oan, you've just titted my t-shirt by the way....
by Nae Pals February 23, 2010
1 2