A mens t-shirt, jumper or jacket becomes 'titted' when worn by a large breasted female and the front chest area has become saggy.
Aw come oan, you've just titted my t-shirt by the way....
by Nae Pals February 23, 2010
Top Definition
Having huge, firm tits.
Titted milf rides the d-train.
by Sam Machi April 14, 2008
The act of being hit in the face by a pair of large breasts
"shit man, my face is sore, got heavy titted at that gig last night"
by Willie. B. Hardigan August 02, 2008
getting baked,drunk or buzzed
"yeah we were hella titted the other night
by Shoe_9mm April 06, 2008
The past tense of getting tit (when someone rubs their boobs on you).
Tiffany: "Oh baby I'm going to tit you so hard."
*The next day*
Sam: "Tiffany titted me so hard last night."
Jack: "You go girl!"
by i am hip June 26, 2014
Outfitted with tits.
She's got a great body. It's not very well titted, but she's fit.
by KingKane August 16, 2009
to grab hold of a chicks boobs and ass and enjoy it!
guy1: how was your date last night?
guy2: i totally titted her within the first 5 minutes!
guy1: NICE!!!!
by Token444 July 04, 2010
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