Top Definition
An overly conceited person who shouldn't be.
"Oh, my god. Mike is such a tinkerbitch."
by hardxcore June 25, 2006
A completely self-centered, conceited person, whom is bitchy, but acts innocent.
Kate: Omgz, i'm like so hot..
Meg: Umn, ok?
Kate: Rofl, jealous much?
Meg: Shut up, you're such a tinkerbitch..
Kate: ..What did I do?!
by Laurenn.xx August 03, 2007
Tinkerbell's twin sister. Axed from Peter Pan so they could keep it a "U"
"Oh, god. that girl came to my party as tinkerbitch!"
(boyfriend goes off to hit on her)
by Don't Tell! October 14, 2006

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