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The feeling you get in your pants when you suddenly realize what you're doing is extremely dangerous and scary.
Guy#1:"Oh my god, dude, did you see what just happened?"

Guy#2;"Yeah bro, you totally almost fell off this building and died!"

Guy#1:"I know, right? I could tell I was close to the edge when I got tingleballs!"

Guy#2:"Do you need a hug?"

Guy#1:"Naw, just grab me another brew gayfer."
by rubtwostix January 20, 2012
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A douchebag teacher/coach who thinks he's smarter than everyone when really he's just a drunk.
Student 1: I can't believe Tingleballs got a DUI!
Student 2: Isn't he the head basketball coach?
Student 1: yup.
by xenonaie21 September 11, 2010
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