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a small dick
Last night was amazing, but would of been better if my boyfriend didn't have such a ting ting.
by THIS IS AN OUTRAGE April 04, 2010
7 28
The wonderful male sex organ.
Ting Ting! (often said by toddlers and grown men alike as they play with their peinis.

Ting Ting!!! (Said when things get of a guy: for example creating a large explosion might make a guy go Ting Ting!)
by Oxytoxin September 24, 2008
24 46
One who is a punk bitch and mostly useless. Very irritating and has a cum-dumpster attitude. Very whore-like and unlikeable by all. Completely and utterly useless to all. Not one positive use at all.
"I totally saw a Ting Ting last night at the club man, just sitting there being utterly useless."

"It must be an embarrassment to be a Ting Ting"
by STFU721721 May 24, 2009
14 42
A Hindu or anything that realtes to Hindus and their cultures.
The Hindus sing Ting ting music.
by Jojo November 29, 2003
6 39