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Oxytoxin: The poisonous neurotransmitter and hormone, related to love. Often related to cheating, manipulation, abuse, ect... (A play on the word Oxytocin.)
Oxytoxin governs my actions now.
Oxytoxin killed my heart and soul.
Oxytoxin drove me crazy.
by Oxytoxin September 24, 2008
A saying of exclamatory dissatisfaction. First said when a young boy fell off his snow sled in to frozen shit.
by Oxytoxin September 24, 2008
A word used to say fucking ass whole in kosher parts of Canada and the Amish country.
by Oxytoxin September 24, 2008
The wonderful male sex organ.
Ting Ting! (often said by toddlers and grown men alike as they play with their peinis.

Ting Ting!!! (Said when things get of a guy: for example creating a large explosion might make a guy go Ting Ting!)
by Oxytoxin September 24, 2008
A cheap form of birth control used in Third world countries. Also given out for free at Planed Parenthood. It is normmaly aproved for 5-10 years. Normally the risk do not outweigh the advantage. Birth control pills are recommend by sexologist and physicians. How ever some dumb girls like Jessica Stanley continue to get them in first world countries. Increasing their odds of scaring of the uterus, endometriosis, and other complications.
Jessica Stanley got an IUD despite being in a long term monogamous relationship, now she suffers from horribly painful periods, one of the side effects.
by Oxytoxin September 24, 2008

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