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someone so ***out there***, that they wear tinfoil hats-- or perceive messages from their amalgam tooth fillings. its roots are from mental institution paranoia and has progressed to today's contemporary society.

Politically, this may be a derogatory comment towards conspiracy theorists and is akin to birthers and their ilk.
He's a real tinfoiler: he believes those stories that other ethnicities eat fetus baby soup-- just because it is on the 'Net.

She thinks the ants took her sunglasses from the picnic-- she's a tinfoiler.

Tinfoilers believe that the End of Days is nigh, because of who won the election.
by Mumsie Dogma October 11, 2009
a paranoid person, of the sort who believes in conspiracy theories (from the notion that such people wear tinfoil hats)
He is just a tinfoiler who can't understand rational thinking.
by The Return of Light Joker June 25, 2011