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soon to be the name on everybody's lips. pretty much teh hottest guy ever. genius in disguise. can actually spell correctly, but rarely proves it (see name for example). cannot wait to call wisconsin home.
'hey timm...giggle!'
by bree February 03, 2005
1) Verb: To keep a baked potato in your pocket with the intent of pulling it out to eat at a random time throughout the night.

2) Adjective: The epitome of manliness
1) Person 1: "What's the weather like this week?"
Person 2: "Well, I heard it is supposed to.... did you just pull a potato out of your pocket?!?!"
Person 1: *Between mouthfuls* "Haven't you ever timmed before?"

2) Teenade girl: "Oh my god, it's *insert popular male actor here*! He's so timm!"
by GL Hal Jordan February 22, 2010
Titties In My Mouth; a phrase that is used to explain something extraordinarily awesome.
Sick!!! TIMM!
by pmaster1508 December 15, 2010
Deliberate gay spelling of nickname "Tim" (short for "Timothy"). Pronounced the same as "Tim," giving the variant spelling either distinctiveness or a cryptic quality, depending on the observer.

-- Thom - "You say his name is Timm; is he gay?"

-- Rhod - "Yup, extra 'm' and everything."
by al-in-chgo August 25, 2011
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