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A term applied to a wide range of 'healthy' eating habits, usually by people with an unhealthy obsession with fitness and/or body weight. It is mostly a means of garnering praise or approval from peers and making anyone who isn't into clean eating feel like their food is somehow dirty.

Clean eaters are obliged to post on social media about their 'clean' meals at least daily, and should never post about any non-clean meals they consume, so as to give the impression that they are strict clean eaters and their discipline is something to be admired.

If taken literally, clean eating is eating food in its most natural state. In practise though, clean eating can include all manner of processed foods such as milk, pasta, cheese and bread, depending on individual interpretation.
I just LOVE this new celery, carrot and cottage cheese combo! Clean eating ftw! #fitness #cleaneating #rawfood #healthy #5kgin5weeks
by n3xia August 04, 2014
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