a car which is older, or anything vehicular that would be otherwise called a classic;
Victor: Hey Brian nice car, what is that?
Brian: Oh that's my Cadillac
Victor: Oh, nice time machine
by Vbomb September 24, 2010
A virtual machine that is used to calculate time that advances Science exponentially.
They used a time machine to figure out the location of the nebula
by TimeDoc November 21, 2014
A sizeable stash of pornography built up over several decades, enabling you to relive the experiences of people who masturbated in those times.
Will Ferrell: "I still hate you, but you've got a pretty awesome collection of nudie mags."

John C. Reilly: "Yeah, I got them from the '70's, '80's and '90's. It's like masturbating in a time machine."
by MrCardboard November 07, 2011
Steel Reserve + Xanax Bar
Black 1 - Yo yo yo mayne i ate deeze barz and drank on my 211 yo and went back in TIME dawg.

Black 2 - Nig you be trippin.

Black 1 - Nah dawg that be a time machine!
by Steelres January 12, 2012
When you tell a girl your dick is a time machine and that if she puts it in her mouth and sucks till the liquid fuel comes out... Then if she closes her eyes, clicks her heels together three times, while swallowing and says "I want to go back to *time here*" she'll go back to that time... but as she says that you just punch her in the face.
I gave a chick the time machine last night...
by Lil' Bloodshot February 01, 2009
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