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Millitary slang for someone scared of confronting the enemy. Like saying coward, only it's not irrational to be scared of red hot tumbling bullets that hit you before you even see the muzzle flash.
"Christ's sake Sarge, don't team me up with Billy, he's Gun Shy! Last time we saw an Iraqi he wet himself, and it was only a woman putting out her washing!"
by Wingy December 21, 2005
Often misunderstood as a bad thing because of bad coverage in the press, it is in fact very useful. To engineer something you need to map an organism's DNA and then discover which genes have which effect. Then map another organism's DNA and implant those genes where you want the desired effect. It can be performed while a creature or plant is in it's embrionic stage, if done after there would be far too many DNA strands to alter. It could be used to create plants that would grow all year round in any county such as deserts without rain or even in antarctica and if there is water there, thoretically Mars.
"Genetic Engineering is a bad thing. I don't know what I'm talking about. I am an idiot."
Prince Charles.
by Wingy January 03, 2006
1. A machine, usually imagined as a vehicle that can travel through the dimension of time. Something that has been sought after since the dawn of science, a few scintists believe we are on the verge of actually coming up with a working machine for sending messages back through time using high intensity lasers to warp space in a similar way that black holes do.

2. Possibly the most famous sci-fi time machine was driven by Marty McFly in the Back to the Future trilogy, it was made from a DeLorean, one of the most useless cars ever made (presumably to be ironic), which has gull-wing doors and looks a lot like a Lotus Esprit.

The Time Machine was a novel by H.G. Wells in the 1800's, it was one of the first works of science fiction to inspire real scientists to begin studying time.

Side effects of time travel include paradoxes like if you killed your own grandfather before he concieved your father you wouldn't be able to return to the same future you came from, causing alternate realities.

3. Time Machine is also a term that can be used for a bottle of vodka or other high volume spirit. If downed quickly it can create a memory black out, so the next thing you remember after beginning to drink is waking up the next morning. This creates a sense of "what the, who the, where the, did I just?" in the subject, a lot like if you had just travelled through time.

Side effects of time travel include soiling your underwear, excessive vomiting, causing a public scene, trying to grope your best mate, coming back from the toilet with your trousers still down, falling over, attempting children's playground obstacle courses, getting arrested and of course waking up in a police cell with no money and having to walk home with a turd in your underwear. You are also likely to wish you'd travelled a little further into the future, since no one who saw you will let you forget it for about a year.
1. Dr Mammet is currently building a time machine for sending messages back through time, no one is currently completely sure if it will work, what they are sure about is it's going to be an extreemly expensive laser light show if it doesn't.

2. Doc Brown built a time machine from a DeLorean, a nuclear reactor and a flux capacitator. The flux capacitator is about the size of a VCR and looks a lot like the prop man just put three neon tubes in it, slapped a cover on and went for his tea break.

3. "Ooooh dude my head, what happened last night? I remember buying a time machine, next thing I know my heads in a toilet at Wycombe police station!"
by Wingy May 15, 2006
A drunkeness test that can be used on men, which is much cheaper than a breathaliser. All you need to do to judge how much he's had to drink is to get a girl with large boobs to ask him a question and then see how long it takes him to look up at her face and answer.

1 second is normal
2 seconds is about 3 pints
3 or more is hammered
"Dude, you look a bit drunk, I think I'd better drive."

"Nah, don't be stufid, I'm prefectly okydoke to, um, drive."

"No way man I'd better use the breastaliser on you. Michelle, get your ass over here!"
by Wingy August 01, 2006
Not being sensible. Doing something pointless while others are trying to get things done. Or just wasting peoples time in any sense.
"James, stop pissing about! I'm trying to get a very important despatch out!"

"Don't have a go at me, Steve's not even at work today, at least I'm doing something!"

"Checking for drugs and porn in the lockers isn't helping!"
by Wingy July 17, 2006
Genetically Engineered Life Form. Gelfs are all that remain of humanity after we render ourselves extinct in the far future, but we leave cultures of mix-matched animals on terraformed planets. Created by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor in the TV show and books of Red Dwarf.
Lister: We've got to shake it. What's over there?
Kryten: Gelf Space.
Lister: It'll never follow us in there.
Rimmer: No because Glefs are untrustworthy dangerous savages, it would be insane.
by Wingy December 12, 2005
A phrase called out at closing time in a pub. A bell usually rings ten or fifteen minutes before to alert people that the bar is closing so that they can order more drinks. Then at closing the bell rings again and the bar person can say "Time gentlemen please!"

Also a TV show aired on Sky One starring Al Murray as the sad landlord of a london pub next to a chemical plant.
"Right that's it, time gentlemen please! Come on, drink up!"
by Wingy May 15, 2006

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