A wanky American soccer team from the Scummiest city in the United States, Portland, Oregon. MOST well known for the more-than-lame "supporters group" the Timbers Army (TA for short). The Timbers were brought into the MLS in 2011, where they didn't make the playoffs, didn't win any cups, and actually lost a cup (the Cascadia Cup) to their most hated (and better) rivals, Seattle Sounders FC. They're also the holder of the self-proclaimed "Soccer City USA" title. Probably should have a better team if you're going to call yourself that.
The Timbers Army wasn't too happy today. 48 seconds from kick, Roger Levesque from the Seattle Sounders scored a goal. RCTI...lose?
by ECSTID January 12, 2012
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(n.) a massive, solid erection.
Guy 1- "Dude, class just ended, why are you still sitting there?"
Guy 2- "Well, I've been staring at Chelsea's tits all class, and I'm still rocking some serious timber!"
by Da Sperminator March 15, 2011
What you yell when it's going down.
"It's going down; I'm yelling timber."
"The party is timber tonight."
by CrabbySparkles October 20, 2013
A sex position. Basically doggie style, but right before the guy cums, he pulls the girls' arms out from under her yelling "timber", causeing her to fall on her face.
(Guy&girl having sex)
*Guy pulls on girls arms*
by IKnowAll69 December 02, 2009
a reference to the Pitbull song TIMBER FT. Kesha, often said by white girls at school like but not limited to Wake Forest University . It is the female equivalent to "lets get wired". The phrase "I am going timber" as active meaning of partying, drinking, dancing, while excluding smoking weed.
I knew I was getting laid when those white girls where like "It's going down, I'm yelling timber."

She was like "I am going timber tonight". I was like "do you baby, I am going to sit my ass on the couch and smoke a blunt."
by wakethedeamon420 December 08, 2013
The rare occurance when one is taking a shit and having the terd the entire length of the bowl, so that when it falls it grazes your not sack. Therefore causing you to not only whipe your ass, but your balls as well.
I was on the shitter and I had to call out timber.
by Cliff January 25, 2004
1)Cut wood for building/burning.
2)a combination of street running and cruelty. Young chavs are awarded points for the amount of walking sticks they kick whilst running down the street.points are awarded on style and grace with which the elderly/disabled person falls. For maximum points(a slow arc, followed by a somersault), "Timber!" is called, hence the name.
"Come here billy, help me chop up some timber for the fire"

"Mate got any skag?"
"Nah I aint. Let's go down to Cash Converters and sell some shit. We can play Timber on the way."
by DRAGON FORCE January 18, 2006
Drinking, dancing and partying to the point you fall down.
Everyone was on the dancefloor in the club when Mel fell on her ass drunk. The entire room yelled "Timber!"
by wvrent March 12, 2014

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