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A convenient place to store one's cock. A whore.
Good thing Tracey came around. I needed a good dick sleeve.
by yosdk June 25, 2006
when a seemingly shy person (chick) becomes very outgoing, typically when under the influence.
Veronica, you should take the cadillac out of the garage more often.
by yosdk August 18, 2005
Acronym for Big Ass, Small Tits. Used to describe a chick with this affliction.
That chick is such a BAST.
by yosdk July 17, 2005
another word for cocaine snorted out of a bullet
Pass that sweet jersey white corn, dude.
by yosdk July 17, 2005
Pro Crack Texas Posse
The flyest, deffest crew ever to hit South Padre Island was the PCTP.
by yosdk May 29, 2006
A prank where a tennis ball can is filled with piss and placed leaning against the front door of someone's house. The standard ding-dong-ditch is then employed, covering the persons foyer with piss when the door is opened.
DING DONG TIMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by yosdk July 17, 2005
the concept of rationing something such that it lasts longer. often misused as "tie over" or "tie up".
tide over

if one wants to be bound, gagged and fucked in the ass, one would say "tie me up"

if one wants to ration the semen on their face such that they can enjoy the taste longer, one would say, "this cum will have to tide me over until i can get him off again"

by yosdk August 29, 2006

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