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A sensation experienced by larger women, similar to an orgasm. Due to the size of the specimen the nervous system is severely impaired and so the sensation can take up 33 1/4 days for the electrical impulses to reach the synapses involved with pleasure.

The sensation is common in most women above 15 stones, but especially effect midgets.
1. I can't belive anyone would put up with Sally's smell long enough to give her a HippoGasm.

2. June the office is not an appropriate place to have a HippoGasm, you're fired.
by mortensent April 11, 2005
1. A Siamese twin with very unimaginative parents.

2. A small inflatable hover-craft capable of speeds in excess of 2.8mph.
Doctor: What shall you name them?
John Smith VII: Ermm, Tim
Doctor: Theres two of them...
John Smith VII: Tim-tim then. Took my family long enough to think of a new name for one child, a second isn't gonna come easily.
by mortensent April 15, 2005
1. An admission of guilt.

2. A sign of stupidity
1. Police: John, did you rob the bank?
John: Ermmm
Police: Ha, we've got that on tape. You're going down you little spammonkey

2. Tom: Steven do you want some Cheese?
Steven: Ermmm
Tom: You're such a PicoTard
by mortensent April 11, 2005
1. The long grass gernerally located within the inner most region of retired female council workers gardens, not to be mistaken with the fractionally longer grass found at the outer most regions. The Jungleatron can be distinguished by the length and shade of the tip. The tip of the grass is between 1.278cm and 1.872cm long and approximately green. Each specimen emits 2.27 cubic centimeters of CO2 per 20 second period. This is widely belived to have caused upto 2.5 holes in the o-zone and raised the Earth temperature by upto 3.275 centigrade.

2. A giant robot resembling a jungle, which is capable of sustained movement and thought using only internal power suplied via a lead acid battery (this battery has to be charged periodically but is capable of sustaining the robot without external power)

3. A small retarded child with a hair cut which makes it look like a manufacturer of Blackcurrent Cordial, more specifically the east Kent devision of Schweppes
Steve: Hello, I couldn't help but notice you've unleashed a giant robot on my garden, it vauguely resembles the lower Nigerian jungle region in the Jurassic era.

Hitler: Yes, I refer to it as a Jungleatron
by mortensent May 21, 2006
A scale of Tard beyond comprehension of most people (excluding Yanks). On a scale of 1-10 a Pico Tard is an immeasurable number, some scientists predict the number may have a 4 in at one point, although this is mere speculation.
That Frank is such a PicoTard the other day he blew his nose on a goat.
by mortensent April 11, 2005
To be leave a public place with a female, usually engaged in the act of kissing, but then after becoming aroused and wanting to take it to the next level discovering the person is a guy in drag. The trip is know as one way as the victim generally is too shell shocked to do anything but cry
About 75% of One Way Trips result in victim being anally ravaged for the night (without Lube)
Man John is drunk, look at that "girl" he's with! Thats a One way Trip if ever I've seen one.

John: Hey guys sorry I left early last night I was feeling ill...AND NOTHING ELSE. As for the limp, I fell over onto a hover...I was alone and wasn't viciously raped

Guys: It's ok John we've all been there.
by mortensent April 12, 2005

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