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an asain that runs CC and is not faster than heaton , and overlarged crackaddict who is Mormon,
Also gets pissed at people then runs faster..cant dance too..
oh look there goes Tims..
by Sieczkowski September 15, 2004
One who is the pimp at every party, a huge badass, a gangsta, and a fucking liberal.
"yo, if being fresh to death is a crime its time for tim to see a jury."
by conservative rosebud sister October 23, 2006
another word for maijurana. to smoke marijuana.
"I think I'm going to go talk to Tim."
"Have you talked to Tim today?"
by tjrline July 28, 2008
Short for Timalloy.
Refers to Celtic fans in a derogtory manner. Tims are generally unwashed and illiterate. They are known to have an inferiority complex and most smell like a mixture of urine and Buckfast tonic wine.

Fact; 70% of all tims are on benefits

See also; Plastic paddy and Mhank.
1. Did you see the tims got pumped off the teddys on saturday?
2. No tims in Europe!
3. Tell all the tims you know that we're top of the league and there no!
4. person 1: Did you hear those tims are kiddly fiddlers?
Person 2: Aye mate. Big Jock knew.
by 51andCounting February 22, 2008
a british word, slang for a Catholic
1) Did you hear Rangers humped the tims 3-nil today
2) I'd rather be a darkie than a tim
by Oor_Wullie October 20, 2007
Twat in motion
by goifhuiofhruihfurhuh ;) August 04, 2008
TIM stands for The Incredible Machine, wich is a very old computer game developed by Sierra.
Billy-- "Yo dude, I made a totally pawnz0r track in TIM yesterday!"
Sjonnie-- "What the heck is TIM?!"
Billy-- "It's an old school game in wich you can make your own "machine" with all kinds of chain reactions!"
Sjonnie-- "Mkay"
by Luigi Aran January 20, 2008