Used to refer to a douche that looks like a skin head, could also be used to describe someone with an oddly shaped head. Tims may usually be seen having dirty thoughts to themselves, humping things or being excessively perverted in some way. Also may be a competitive asshole.
Yeah, you see Tim over there? He's humping the desk again.
by willybumbum123 May 03, 2011
a british word, slang for a Catholic
1) Did you hear Rangers humped the tims 3-nil today
2) I'd rather be a darkie than a tim
by Oor_Wullie October 20, 2007
following the concept of marklar, tim is a word that can be used to replace any noun, verb, or adjective. experienced "timmers" are able to comunicate with one other through use of tim in their tone and body language.

warning: the concept of tim can only be conquered over a long peiod of time, only experienced "timmers" can tim with correct accuracy
1)you gotta tim that tim
you gotta do that bitch

2)dude im timin the tim hold on
dude im fixing the dryer hold on

by commander cool x 2 June 22, 2006
Tims usually have small cocks. They think they're good in bed but really they can't get girls off and go way to quickly. They also like to put other people down behind their backs. Sometimes they think its cool to abuse girls and then get girls drunk and do stuff with them when he knows they have boyfriends. Typically they have bitch tits.
Paul : Oh hey yeah I ran into Joe today. He was so proud of himself for making three girls cry and ruining 5 relationships.

Maddy : God he's SUCH a Tim.
by Booboobear2222 March 16, 2010
Adj. another word for douche bag, lame-ass, whore, fuck-up, childish, cheater, liar, or selfish asshole

N. an insecure man who sucks in bed
Adj. Go fuck yourself your just another tim!
N. Last night was so bad I snuck out while he was still asleep; he's a tim!
by PurdyPrincess February 06, 2010
tim; A poor miss-guided individual that walks in circles most of the day talking to himself and wondering were it all went wrong.
As I sit in my cubicle at work; I see many other tim's go up to the copy machine and stare at if for 20 minutes or so, just to return to their cubicle and stare at the stack of files on their desks
by snapback63 February 05, 2010
Someone who is never at the blame for anything. Does not have much of an attention span and loves his room as hot as it can get. Also has some strange black spots on his penis that look like an STD.
If there is one thing that I learned from brayzzers, it's that if a girl says no, you follow to her car and Tim her.
by Alex1617 February 06, 2011

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