Annoy or frustrate
Those fat chicks on The View tilt me so much
by macsk March 21, 2009
to fight, to "tilt" someones head origin Campbell River
Lets go outside these guys are about to tilt, let's tilt, I got into a tilt last night
by Jrocka May 19, 2006
When a person alcohol consumption is beyond his or her capacity.
Somebody else better drive cuz im on tilt.
by LEc2 May 15, 2003
someone who's head is slanting to one side.
the word 'tilt' is shouted to insult the person, usually aimed at liam due to the fact he has a tilted head. a commen phrase in the class room of 9GF
Hey everyone look at liam! He's tilted!
is the the leaning tower of piza? NO! its your head!
by Cowboy cookie May 20, 2007
Having a go
Give us a tilt ya drongo
by Chappo January 20, 2004
a great band from the 90's in Berkely. check them out they're great.
I was at a great Tilt show a while ago.
by LaniRotten January 18, 2004
A weak show on ESPN where the only two people not actually screwing anybody and everybody are the two obvious choices, the black guy and the blonde chick. Subtle forum for the angry white man.
Tilt is a worst scam than vegas.
by Idiot Buster March 05, 2005
Another meaning with reference to gambling is to place a series of silly bets due to a feeling of invincibilty following a large win or series of wins, resulting in losing all the winnings back and ending up where you started.

This is to be avoided at all costs by disciplined gamblers, but every gambler will have done it sometime.
"I won £5000 on the horses then went on the tilt and blew it all on football"
by dou jyr February 10, 2006

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