verb - must be used with "to go" or tenses of to go He went tilt. She will go tilt.

1. tilt is when a pinball machine malfunctions; when a person goes tilt they become extremely angry or furious

to explode with anger

2: to have an outburst of negative emotion, to have a trantrum

If mom and dad come home early - before we have a chance to clean up after our massive keg party - they are going to go tilt when they see this mess.

When he found his brother Charles dismantling his perfectly assembled model plane, Alex went tilt.

The baby went tilt when his parents tried to take away his favorite pacifier.
by WordPak Revisited December 30, 2011
The definition of swag. when someone wears their glasses tilted up on there head. Maximum tilt is achieved when the glasses are titling to the point of falling of the person's head
"man that guy is tilting so hard"
"tilt those boy"
"there is severe tilt increase on those glasses"
by Mugatu tilted September 13, 2011
1) To be really annoyed to the point that one nearly falls over.

2) 'Tilting': A person becoming annoyed

3) 'On Tilt': A person describing how really annoyed they are.
Paul's tilt was so bad that he was driven to drink.

Jobin was seriously tilting after losing at pro evo 10-0 for the fifth consecutive time.

Paul was on tilt when Arch refused to stop caressing his buttocks.
by King Alfred March 02, 2010
TILT is a multi purpose word that can be used to describe a way of doing something, a future occurnace or a past action. it may also be used to desribe objects and is commonly used as a greeting to fellow 'tilters' who use the word.

research shows that the drinking of alcohol and the use of tilt are common place.
"Im getting tilted tonight" as in Im getting drunk.

"Mate, I was tilted last night." I was a mess last night.

"Tilt lad!" as in 'do it'

"you alright mate?" "yeah, tilt lad" As in greetings.

"tilt!" as in tilt
by matty tyrer February 13, 2010
tits i'd like to suck
dude, check out that chick with those tilts
by MCSD July 17, 2005
A villain's hideout, Home, Crib, Lair, etc. Dutch angles were used extensively in the original TV series and 1966 film of Batman, where each villain had his own angle. Scenes filmed in any villain's hideout, when only the chief villain and his henchmen were present, were invariably shot at an angle departing extremely from the horizontal. Such was the influence of this series in Britain that the colloquial term "Batman Angle" is still in common use today in that country.
It's been a long day serving these rocks, I'm gonna post up at the tilt.
by cznofthesicc April 06, 2008
To be engaged in sexual activities on an airmatress.
"They were tilting all night long"
by Micky B April 06, 2008

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