very tight, white, embarassing, elastic band, underwear and if seen in a locker room you will be wedgied or form expeirience spanked, clothes taken, and forced 2 run around the school in ur tighty whities which you realized have been switched with size small and barely hold your weener in actually dont hold your penis in.
I have all types of tighty whities: i have white , yellow, purple, litght blue, then i have bikinis: blue, yellow and red then i have speedos: blue, green, pink, red, gray, and black but i accidently bought small so my penis is being strangled and one time an old guy came up to me in the local locker room and said boy you need a bigger size you dont have a big one but i mean i buy my grandson bigger pairs then under his breath but he does have a bigger one.
by wedgie May 30, 2007
1.) Ebonics for a white girl who is a virgin.
2.)Refering to a new white man in prison.
1.) "Yo man I broke in two Tighty Whities at the same time last night dawg!"

2.)"Looky Here boys! Some Fresh Tighty Whities! Let the games begin!"
by JDMarlow42 June 28, 2010
undewear that only uncool people that suold get a wedgie
friday I was waring tighty whities in school and someone gave me a Marvan and then gave me a hanging wedgie on a bathroom stall door for 2 hours. I told on them and nothing hapend so I have to have another wedgie for the hole day. it herts
by wedgie man 4658 April 18, 2009
A type of underwear which is designed to cradle the package close to the body. Useful at a young age, but as you age they become less useful, strangling the testicles and making your manhood hurt for at least a week afterwards. If you are wearing tighty whities above the age of twelve, it is suggested to switch to boxers or boxer briefs rapidly to avoid any damage to the testicles.
Man: Shit! I'm infertile?
Doctor: Yes, perhaps because of your wearing of tighty whities. I'm surprised you haven't popped, man.
by willdood January 02, 2010
white briefs that come in 3 or 6 packs, usually Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, or Jockey brand. Worn by prepubescent boys and men whose moms still buy their underwear for them.
Pull up your pants! Your tighty whities are showing.
by greekmonkey March 18, 2004
What nerds and geeks wear. It is a cool dudes duty to give a hanging wedgie to all tighty whitie wearers.
I once had no Boxers left so I wore tighty whities on a gym day. My classmates gave me a Swirly as punishment.
by James the sore butt July 24, 2005
what guys w/ sexy asses should wear but dont cuse they are too cool
what fat kids wear because their mom still buys them their underwear
for heven sakes just buy some boxers
also what i found on my floor this morning
jesse should wear tighty whities cause hes too damn sexy to not show his ass
by mime June 01, 2005

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