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Tighty whities, supposably the nerdy underwear. Completely untrue! They are the comfortable underwear. Boxers no way! Yes the "cool" people wear boxers. But they are idiots. There just jealous that we have the balls to wear comfortable underwear so they give us wedgies!
I'm 14 in 8th grade, i get made fun of all the time for wearing tighty whities. I get wedgies all the time every day. It started in 7th grade. I was changing in the locker rooms when the kid how still gives me wedgies now snuck up behind me with 2 other guys grabed my spider man undies and dragged me out into the hallway gave me to the cheerleaders who dragged me to the the the hall way lockers and hung me on a hook in one of there lockers and since I'm short I was at least a two feet and a half off the ground. With my luck not One teacher saw me the hole day and every kid who passed laughed and took pictures. No one would help me. After school the janitor found me and took me down and let took me to the office and I had my pick me up and bring some clothes because the guys took them. Ever since than I've been getting tons of wedgies.
by Micatalckalot May 20, 2012
BDS us an abbreviation of Baby Dick Syndrome. Which is not a real disease it is just a way of insulting some one by telling them their penis looks like a baby's or is just really small.
At school we have to shower for gym and so every one sees my penis and yes i will admit it is very small 1inch soft, 3inches hard, 2inches around. So all the other guys call me BDS (Baby Dick Syndrome) and it quickly spread around the school so know all the girls call me BDS so i am pretty sure half the school forgot my real name. It first i had a hard time with it but then i just owned up to it and started calling my self BDS and everyone stopped making fun of me. But i am still called BDS.
by Micatalckalot August 01, 2014

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