Tighty whities, supposably the nerdy underwear. Completely untrue! They are the comfortable underwear. Boxers no way! Yes the "cool" people wear boxers. But they are idiots. There just jealous that we have the balls to wear comfortable underwear so they give us wedgies!
I'm 14 in 8th grade, i get made fun of all the time for wearing tighty whities. I get wedgies all the time every day. It started in 7th grade. I was changing in the locker rooms when the kid how still gives me wedgies now snuck up behind me with 2 other guys grabed my spider man undies and dragged me out into the hallway gave me to the cheerleaders who dragged me to the the the hall way lockers and hung me on a hook in one of there lockers and since I'm short I was at least a two feet and a half off the ground. With my luck not One teacher saw me the hole day and every kid who passed laughed and took pictures. No one would help me. After school the janitor found me and took me down and let took me to the office and I had my pick me up and bring some clothes because the guys took them. Ever since than I've been getting tons of wedgies.
by Micatalckalot May 20, 2012
Also known as briefs, it is the type of underwear worn by uncool kids. If a person is wearing tighty whities then they are given a wedgie immediately by cool, boxer wearing kids.
I am in tenth grade, and I have worn tighty whities every day since seventh grade. Since seventh grade I have worn cartoon briefs (such as Iron Man briefs) that are alittle small for me. And every day since seventh grade I have gotten a massive wedgie at school because I wear tighty whities. A couple days a week I get 28 regular wedgies, and 32 extremely painful, massive wedgies. But on the other days I just get 20 regular wedgies, and 25 massive wedgies. I don't care about the wedgies. I just enjoy wearing tighty whities.
by Selfaholic June 23, 2010
These are underwear also known as briefs, usually white and is quite popular style of underwear. Although, when you go into high school it can sometimes be view as uncool but this is a rare event. I went into high school wearing white briefs and didn't get anything embarrassing happen to me. In the rare event you do go to a school where 'tighty whities' aren't approved off you can expect frequent wedgies, some spankings and most of all being pantsed to expose your briefs to the public, usually always happens during gym class/PE.
"Hey look! He is wearing Tighty Whities lets get him!"

"Today in school after gym I was hung by my Tighty Whities on a large hook and given a huge Hanging Wedgie. This was followed by Spanking and a Swirly which didn't feel too good at all."

"I usually wear tighty whities because they are the most comfortable underwear and the girls like them."
by Barlat May 01, 2014
The most comfortable nerdy underwear
When I wear tighty whities bullies at school track me down and when they get to me they take my cloths leaving me in the shameful undies then they hang me by a wedgie in the boys locker room where they fart hoping to make it stink so i have to suffer in my wedgie until my tighty whities break which never happens so I just wait until the custodian comes and lets me down
by Toby flenderson December 30, 2014
Pants guys wear after hitting 30.
White Yfronts and Fly-fronts being popular.
Usually seen hanging on washing line every sunday after wash day.
Jockey white 'tighty whities' Y Fronts, CK Fly fronts, Marks and Spencers briefs
by 30s briefs lad September 09, 2010
It¨is an underware that the nerds (as me) and fat wear. It will help u if you have an erection, because your penis look smaller, but if they see u that u are wearing that, they are gonna give you an atomic wedgie, hanging wedgie, and all tipes of wedgies.
It is
Yesterday, in the bathroom of my school, I found a dollar in the floor. I went hold it, but a guy that was behind me, saw my ass and the resort of my tighty whities, He screams: A nerd with tighty whities!!! and everybody came to make me a wedgie.
First, cleared my clothes (expet my tighty whities), they did me atomic wedgie, next they put my head in the W.C. and next, they put my tighty whities in a hook and left me there 3 hours, until I tried to escame and my tighty whities brake down...
by Wedgied96 December 04, 2008
(Noun) A derogatory term for a north american conservative white ethnic. Sandwiched insecurely between the people that were 'owned' by Europe, and by Europe itself, this suburban, affluent mid-to-upper class culture has a brief and unremarkable history; a Tighty Whitey will project an angry, competitive, ill-gotten arrogance that discourages out-of-house activities.
St. Albert has so many Tighty Whities I had to destroy a public bus shelter to express myself.
by Duchowski April 23, 2011

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