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A deadly gang from the streets of Potomac. The gang was founded in 2008 and has since doubled. The notorious street gang is known for all of its members being tight and white.
Bystander 1- "Man the crime rate in Potomac has increased from .8% to 1.1% in the past 3 years!"

Bystander 2- "Yea since the founding of The Tighty Whities, the streets of Potomac are no longer safe."
by PotomacThug August 12, 2010
An online expression used to express complete shock or annoyance. It is used instead of wow because it is fun to w and o over and over again
Steve- "I lost your cd"

Paul- "Wowowowowowowow"
by PotomacThug August 18, 2010
A word used to describe a person who is terrible at something. Often the person calling someone else a legit scrub is actually a legit scrub themselves.
Steve "Wow you can only run this obstacle course in 18 seconds, your a legit scrub."

Gary "Wow not only do you care about an obstacle course time but you used the phrase legit scrub. You sir are the legit scrub."
by PotomacThug September 01, 2010
Track practice, in abbreviated form. Tracktice is were the men are seperated from the boys and true champions are made.
Track runner 1 "Hey are you going to tracktice today?"

Track runner 2 "Hell yea, i'm a trackstar"
by PotomacThug November 15, 2010
The socially acceptable way to stop talking to someone that your tired of talking to. Originally is meant "got to go", but 95% of the time it is used nowadays it simply means i want to stop talking to you.
"Do you want to here about my english paper" Joel
"Ah sorry gtg" Me
by PotomacThug March 03, 2012

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