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The terrible default men's underwear bestowed from boyhood; generally bearing illustrations of Spiderman, Skeletor, Power Rangers, and the like, when first introduced, but eventually losing their distinct markings, prior to adolescence, in favor of brownish/reddish/yellowish stains fore and aft.
I friggin' hate tightey-whiteys. Damn you Fruit of The Loom!!! Damn you!!!
by plasticman June 09, 2004
men's briefs: white, with wide elastic band
With his nice buns, Johnny Vince makes even tightey-whiteys look good.
by kenyon December 12, 2003
briefs (as opposed to boxers)
"i don't date guys that wear tightey-whiteys."
by lauren August 31, 2003
The underpants of choice for those men who's testicles start to "hang low". Men's equivalent to a bra to keep saggy body parts in place. Fights gravity for older men.
"Once he's done fathering your children, get those puppies into some tightey-whiteys. Ive seen men with testicles that hang down to their knees!"

Quote from a retired nurse
by Atulia Greene January 08, 2007