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men's briefs: white, with wide elastic band
With his nice buns, Johnny Vince makes even tightey-whiteys look good.
by kenyon December 12, 2003
"Oh bust" is an exclamation, much like the late "you got dissed." It signifies that someone has been taken down a knotch. When someone utters "oh bust" they are to cuff their right hand over their mouth as if to holler. After "oh bust" is said a laugh should promptly follow.
Jim: Hey Steve didja go to that party last night?
Steve: What party? There was a party? How come I wasn't invited to the party?
Stacy: You have no friends.
Jim: Oh bust! Hahaha
by Kenyon March 02, 2005
A grease chill is what you get when biting into a highly caloric and greasy food. It also occurs most often after the greasy food settles in your stomach.
After I ate that McGriddle it gave me a case of the grease chills.
by Kenyon November 12, 2006
" Last night Tina experienced the ultimate with Nathan."
by kenyon February 08, 2003
Someone who sucks
David, you are such a Schemalea face!
by Kenyon May 13, 2004
an amazing specimen of a person. 5'7" brown hair, blue eyes. gives great handjobs
"Hey Li'l Tones. . ."
by kenyon February 08, 2003
a sidleing strut, akin to a sashay, but with more knee movement and hip thrusting. Used to express joy
Hey, Krystal.. Could you just pony on over here for a few?
by Kenyon February 08, 2003

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