1. a giant striped cat in asia
2. a fierce and willful person
3. a german war tank
4. a symbol of a totalitarian and oppressive government like fascism/nazism and communism
5. a symbol of military might and imperialism
1. Tigers are the biggest cats in the world
2. A person like a tiger
3. The Tiger tank was one of Germanys best
4. A tiger government is in power now, they are going to eat us alive.
5. An army as mighty as a tiger
by whorunit69 October 15, 2006
A striped jungle cat, the largest member of the cat family. Endangered. Their natural habitat and food in and around India is decreasing and more than laws to protect them are needed for these undeniably viscious but remarkable creatures.
Tigers do not eat cereal, unlike a certain cartoon tiger named Tony.

Tigers might look cute... but a smaller the version, the tabby, is a better way to go as far as pets are concerned.
by Lorelili March 05, 2005
"Tiger" is the code name which Apple Computer's Operating System Mac OS 10.4 goes by. Announced in 2004, it is sheduled for release on April 29th, 2005.

The name "Tiger" continues the Apple tradition of naming their 10th generation operating system with names of large cats. Previous code names of Apple's 10th generation operating system include "Cheetah" (Mac OS 10.0) "Puma" (Mac OS 10.1), "Jaguar" (Mac OS 10.2), and "Panther" (Mac OS 10.3). There has been speculation that the eventual Mac OS 10.5 will be code named "Ocelot" but this has not been confirmed, and has been thought by many to be Bullshit.
1. "Only 8 more days until Tiger is released!"
2. Morris' computer was running Tiger 8 days before it was released. People glanced at his screen, knowing he was 1337.
by remove April 21, 2005

Tigers are a large striped Feline predatory Being found in the forests of India, Siberia, and Sumatra. These beings are considered the largest of their class, and are also the most endangered...

2. A term of endearment between male parents and male offspring;

3. What Alpha Males are called by their Females as endearment;

4. A sort of deprecation used by Police, Lawyers, etc.
1. The Siberian Tiger is as endangered as the Bengal Tiger.
2. Hey, Tiger! Let's go to the Water Park!

3. Mmmmm, Tiger! Shag me some more, Baby!!

4. Hold on, Tiger. Kilbourne Hall isn't exactly Kindergarten!
by J. Michael Reiter April 29, 2005
noun. male equivilant of "cougar", though more derogatory, i.e. an older, usually married man who pursues younger women, usually in a cheesy or embarrassing kind of way. derived in part from Tiger Woods affairs. A man who repeatedly has affairs while married with children. A sexually active asshole.
"that guy is a real tiger...one skank after another"
by seehere December 17, 2009
The biggest of wild cat including the lion these beautiful animals can come in Orange with black stripes, white and black stripes (these are very valuable ad rare) and a sort a maple colour with black stripes. They are usual found in Korea but can be found in other countries national parks. One park called Zion wildlife parks has at least three white Tigers.
Dude my nan when to africa ad saw some lions, next she wants to go to Korea and look for Tigers.
by Finnerty October 10, 2009
1. A woman with over-average dimensions at the right spots.

2. Vomit.
1. I found a Tiger in my bedroom. Sweet.

2. I found a Tiger in my bedroom. Crap.
by central_square December 14, 2009
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