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apparently similar to fire.
ow. that's not play-doh. it's fire. shiat.
by remove May 28, 2005
Verb. The act of looking up something at www.wikipedia.org, the prominent open source encyclopedia.

Derrivation comes from the eventual contraction of the suggestion that a person "wikipedia- it" which evolved into "wiki it" which became simply "wikit".
John: Hey, what was the 100 year war about?
Bob: I dunno, wikit.
by remove April 21, 2005
"Tiger" is the code name which Apple Computer's Operating System Mac OS 10.4 goes by. Announced in 2004, it is sheduled for release on April 29th, 2005.

The name "Tiger" continues the Apple tradition of naming their 10th generation operating system with names of large cats. Previous code names of Apple's 10th generation operating system include "Cheetah" (Mac OS 10.0) "Puma" (Mac OS 10.1), "Jaguar" (Mac OS 10.2), and "Panther" (Mac OS 10.3). There has been speculation that the eventual Mac OS 10.5 will be code named "Ocelot" but this has not been confirmed, and has been thought by many to be Bullshit.
1. "Only 8 more days until Tiger is released!"
2. Morris' computer was running Tiger 8 days before it was released. People glanced at his screen, knowing he was 1337.
by remove April 21, 2005
Word Art is a text style which can be used in Microsoft's "Microsoft Office" suite. Word Art is generally used by noobs who think it's cool because it's flashy.
Bobby wrote his entire english paper in Word Art because he thought it looked neat. Needless to say, his english teacher failed him because it was so lame.
by remove April 22, 2005
A secret society at Yale. Noteable members include John Kerry and George Bush. Conspiracy theorists often muse about the skull & bones.

see also: skull and bones
members of the skull & bones society are sworn to secrecy.
by remove April 21, 2005

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