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The largest of all big cats. Tigers live in India, Asia, Japan, and a few other places. They live in tropical rainforests and feed off of other animals (aka they're a carnivor). Unlike most cats, tigers love the water. They are orangey-brown and have magnificent stripes. They are very endangered because of destruction of their habitats, and also because of human insanity. Humans kill tigers for their beautiful striped coat. (If you ask me, it looks better on a tiger than as a mat or on some hag's body.) They don't eat humans, however if they are hungry enough I'm sure they would. They very well may attack a human if one is in a tiger's habitat ( Hey, I would too). I don't blame them. Some (crazy) animal trainers for circuses and animal amusement thingies like that train tigers to hop on their hind legs (yeah, right) and jump through rings of fire, and etc, etc. Of course, no wild animal in their right mind would NEVER do such a thing like that. But any who, tigers are one magnificent creature that I think should be worshipped and sacred. And to some people, they are. Oh, and also they have very sharp claws and big sharp teeth. They live alone besides when females are raising cubs.
Crazy circus trainer- "AHHHH! LOOK OUT! THAT TIGER'S OUT OF CONTROL!!!!"
Crazy guest- "Oh my God! You trained him, so control him!"
Crazy circus trainer- "I would if I could, dumb hag!"
Crazy guest- "Okay." -walks out casually-
by Nikki_catlover June 28, 2009

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