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An extremely beautiful woman. When a man sees her, he is mesmerized . . . . he wants to go up and pet her, and stroke her beautiful striped coat.

Basically . . . . . seeing a woman so beautiful, that you'd rather fuck a rabid pony, than try and spit game to her.
God damn . . . . do you see that tiger?
by hits December 07, 2003
This is the opposite of Valentine's day. During this period of time, any male is entitled to complimentary fallatio, penis cleaning, and a charred piece of cow flesh.
Dude! Did you celebrate Steak & Knober day? My knober was off the hook!!
by hits December 07, 2003
A woman who is so astonishingly beautiful, that one would have his left testicle surgically removed, in order to engage in sexual intercourse with.
Holy Shit . . . Jessica Alba is a total Left Nutter!!!
by hits December 07, 2003
A woman who is so astonishingly beautiful, that one would physically sacifice his right testicle for the chance to stick her.
God Damn!! That . . . . is a right nutter!
by hits December 07, 2003
Poon Tang
"God Damn!!! I need to get some PT!"`
by hits December 14, 2003
Very decent and "appropriate' manner of stating the word 'Cock'.

Although it is spelled " kaw - csh
Damn!!! That drunk guy was being such a Koch!!
by hits December 07, 2003
This is actually the newest version of Sony's ultimate gaming solution, the Playstation. This new console will have a 250GB hard drive, TiVo capabilities, and DVD burner. Isn't available in the states until 2004, and according to rumors, will have a price tag of around $800.
Fuck GameCube, I just got a PSX!
by hits December 15, 2003

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