A midget who happens to be a tard(retard)

abbrev. tidge
Alex to Harrison

"stop being a fucking tidget"
"What's up tidge?"
by DumDum1000 December 29, 2013
Taller than a midget
Dawn- "I'm not a midget! I'm a tidget! I'm flipping taller than a midget!
by Tarah Beara June 24, 2005
Taller than a midget!
Fuck you! I'm taller than a Freakin' midget! I'm a tidget!
by Tarah's Friend July 22, 2005
A abnomrally tall midget
Look at that midget he is very tall

No wait thats a tidget
by Nick Nick nick August 24, 2007
A midget (or just a really short person) who likes to mess around with Turkish people.
"You fucking tidget!"
by Rumley October 24, 2006

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