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\tij\ adjective, adverb

Signifying a minuscule or almost insignificant amount; a cross between the expressions "tid bit" and "smidge"
How are you?

Ehh I've been better. I have a tidge of a headache.
by miley/snoop/roomie July 23, 2010
An indeterminate body part, usually considered female, but not exclusively so. Most typically used in a derogatory manner, as a coded profanity or as sexual innuendo.
"hey buddy, what you doin?"
"sitting back, watching the tidge pass by..."

"wow, that tidge is well groomed.."
by sebmatthews May 15, 2013
Something small and annoying.
-Hey Tidge!
- Why do you call me Tidge?
-Hehe, no reason...
by Bunny October 14, 2004
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