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the coolest girl i know she is really fun to talk to. CRAZY! for doing extra credit but we all are. shes crazy cool to hang out with and can make someone smile forever. fantastically the coolest sweetest most beautiful kindest girl in the world a wonderful friend who listens synonym: PERFECT t= terrific h= horny =P y = you betcha shes pimptastic =)
Thy is the best ever ;]
by a laugher March 01, 2005
76 101
Posesive adjetive.. their your
Hallowed be thy name
by nokye August 26, 2007
119 29
the name given to only the most wonderful vietnamese girls
Thy! I love you very much but you need to eat your pho now!
by DJB May 21, 2004
152 110
Thies can mean everything or only one word in a sentence. It can be used to replace any word. Pronounced Theeese
Hey man do you wanna go thies? (Hey man do you wanna go fight zombies?)

Where's my thies? (Where's my car?)

That's a big Thies! (That's a big tumor!)

I'm thies! (I'm on fire!)
by bigwhomp May 30, 2008
16 5
a nickname usually associated for those who resemble the famous thong wearing male, string-emil.
"My god, you look like Thies."
by Phillip Owned May 10, 2006
25 17
the sound of your tounge across your top teeth. made when something catches you completely off guard and no one realizes it but you. a pleasant surprise, a punch line to a joke.

can also be used when something is dull and boring because no one cares but you.
two people get the same answers on a test, both and right answers are counted wrong. the students cant figure out why, so they bring them up to the teacher and
students: "why did you count our answers wrong when they were right?"
techers: "because you obviously cheated off each other"
students: "thyss"
by kidsinamerica February 08, 2009
2 5
lacking ordinary quickness and keenness of mind; dull.
Characterized by or proceeding from mental dullness; foolish; senseless
Tediously dull, esp. due to lack of meaning or sense; inane; pointless
Slow to learn or understand; obtuse
Seriously!, comments like that? you're such a Thys

only a hardened Thys would say something like that

that party was so Thys
by Das Stig August 04, 2008
1 6
This a common mispelling of the word "This" mainly found in forums and blogs online
I Think "Thies" is Amezing Music
by Markusss March 11, 2008
5 13