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A pretty chick , with alot of nerve .
Pretty cute , Skinny , her hair iz like ca^y cho^~i cha`
by Someguy April 09, 2005
A fine sexy asian who always makes you laugh :]
a thuy is always there for you and gives you great

advise about hillbilly monks and chippies :]
"boom boom boom boom! i want you in my room!"
haha :] .99 cent jeans thuy!!
by jennyboo:) June 24, 2009
Someone who is kindhearted and loves to help people no matter what. Shy around people she dont know but is VERY outgoing when around friends and family. Speaks her mind but is very respectful. A pretty girl with alot to give.
thuy cares about dogs
by kaeee February 16, 2011
a pretty girl that is kool and the best!!!
Thuyyyyy! its meeee BlackMAsk
by dictionary January 30, 2005
THUY can replace any bad word. so if you're in a place were you cant cus thats the time to use THUY.
Examples: fuck, bitch, shit, ass, etc.
That girl is a thuying thuy.
by J. T. Oral May 20, 2008
A person with a severe lisp, trying to say the word tree (th-wee).
I twah twah a puddy tat in the thuy.
by pussy-cat July 10, 2008
The sound made while hocking a loogie
Dude, I'll spit on your face like Pumpkin spat in New York's...thuy!!
by pussy-cat July 10, 2008
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