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the art of being pimp and fantastic all at the same time. From the latin word pimpus tastificus.
O snap, did you just see Mike Dean wit all the ladies, he is just ooo pimptastic.
by Clay Pennington May 09, 2005
somthing that is in the state of being very pimp
This bowl of soup is pimptastic!
by Batost June 02, 2006
something pimp and fantastic all at once thus pimptastic.
person 1: dude did you see that

person 2 : ya that was pimptastic
by tityasorous rex June 18, 2009
Supa Fly Lady Killer yet always stylin and profilin...and also know to be chillin like a villian
Last night was pimp-tastic I was all ...afta the show its the afta party...afta the party its the hotel lobby...
by J-Dawg June 21, 2003
Better than fantastic; so tight even pimps think it's awesome.
That dress is pimptastic.
by lynnlynn February 22, 2011
this word means a pimp that likes to celebrate
Sonya is pimptastic!
by antdog112233 April 19, 2010
Pimptastic meaning awesome, pimping, sick, cool, wicked, rad, etc.
Jake: Dude, your car is looking hella pimptastic.

Caleb: Yeah man, i fucking know.
by Mr. biggleboggins February 25, 2010
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