The day after Wednesday and before Friday
PERSON 1: Hey.. yesterday was Wednesday and tomorrow is Friday, so what day is it today..?
PERSON 2: Thursday.
by Anonymous April 22, 2003
the best day of the week. crazy shit happens! girls make-out! and sometimes ppl get randomly humped! then they go get high.
OMG! ITs thursday!

no dude its monday!

not anymore! 2 chicks just madeout
#thursday #crazy shit #makeout #lez #humping
by thursdayz April 30, 2009
1. A day of the week.
2. The most kick ass band ever
3. Avril sucks the cock i don't have.
The new Thursday c-d is coming out in September! I am going to buy it.
by Katy June 29, 2003
best day of the week because... well bc it is so close to the weekend...but not yet there. so when u get home on thurs ur like easy as pie, Friday is cake. but the reason fri is worse then thurs is bc it is an obvious choice and when fri is over, a piece of the weekend is over...but when thurs is's on like donkey lips!
i wear my favorite underwear on thursdays.
#exciting #euphoric #happy #radical #essential
by CHANTEEZY MY NEEZY July 10, 2008
1) the fifth day of the week
2) a pretty cool band
3) also known as Queer's day. In which, if you wear green and yellow on a Thursday, you will be called a homosexual
Person1: Dude, you're wearing green and yellow.
Person2: So?
Person1: It's Thursday, homo!
Person2: OMG I forgot that Thursday is Queer's Day!
#band #emo #queer #day #week
by Maudie May 31, 2007
The greatest band of all time. Period. Some call them emo, some call them hardcore but the truth is tehy just plain rock. Do yourself a favor and check them out.
Thursday's show at Roseland on November 17 was amazing.
by Scot November 21, 2003
A truley kick ass band! not exactly emo, but hey we all should love Thursday!
Let's all go see Thursday on July 3rd! It'll be awesome.
by Katy June 27, 2003
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