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1 - The nail of the thumb
2 - Something that is small or brief; concise
3 - A printing; small and rough
1 - Look at Joe's bleeding thumbnail!
2 - Jane quickly wrote a thumbnail summary of the chapter she had read.
3 - Bob drew a thumbnail sketch of his idea before he started his actual picture.
by 7sdrawkcab May 03, 2009
29 10
the little pictures that make looking at porn so much easier and simplier
i looked at all the thumbnails of the dirty bitch
by themainevent November 17, 2003
85 23
Someone who looks really hot seen from a distance who when viewed in close proximity turns out to be butt ugly.
That hot guy walking up the beach turned out to be a fat grandpa, what a thumbnail!
by Phil A Buster January 12, 2011
19 10