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1 - The nail of the thumb
2 - Something that is small or brief; concise
3 - A printing; small and rough
1 - Look at Joe's bleeding thumbnail!
2 - Jane quickly wrote a thumbnail summary of the chapter she had read.
3 - Bob drew a thumbnail sketch of his idea before he started his actual picture.
by 7sdrawkcab May 03, 2009
Canada is a peaceful, multi-cultural nation and is the 2nd largest country in the world. Canada has provinces and territories instead of states, and has a Prime Minister, NOT a President. Canada's symbol is the Maple Leaf.

It is NOT always Winter in Canada. Canadians live IN HOUSES NOT IGLOOS, and DO NOT ride to school on polar bears. Canadians DO NOT eat beaver tail and they speak ENGLISH AND FRENCH, NOT CANADIAN.
Guy A: Hey did you know some Americans pretend to be from Canada when travelling abroad?
Guy B: I WONTDER why......
by 7sdrawkcab February 16, 2009

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