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Alright this is how im ganna say it too all you people to make you understand, first theres two meaning of thug aight

#1. old definition ill put this in my own way : thug - its really a person who doesnt give a damn for the world and only loves himself and will do anything to get what they want

----->KEEP READING YOU MOTHA FUCKAS alright<------

#2. New Definition aka Present : i guess i should say 1990's - ??: thug - some cool ass motha fucka

now remember this shit theres dos definitionosos
I already explained this shit just think about it if you can't your fuckin stupid.


#2. BITCH, YOU AINT A THUG LIKE ME!! the present
by NIGGA OH August 04, 2007
Due Sette aka Mike Murray
A thug is someone who does not play by the rules. They think of the worst possible thing they can do to someone who has wronged them and execute the plan to a "T".
A thug is someone who does not take anything lightly and undermines his enemies because he straight up knows that they have no chance.
Who's that nigga due, a stone-cold thug.
by Schmurr April 01, 2009
A thug is a man who came up rough had nothing to life for still has nothing to live for, but isnt a gangster he aint out to rob you or rape you like Tupac says he led a rough life keeps to himself not into gangbangin 'n all that. He does what he cant to make it no matter the circumstances read the code of thug life youll understand.
by t-hustle February 15, 2006
Acronym for Tony Hawk's Under Ground
I'm gonna lay down some unreallistic lines in THUG on my PS2!
by benormous August 28, 2005
A ghetto person, who lives in tha hood'also ghetto
check out T-JAY, he's such a thug man
by Tanii June 23, 2005
True Hero Under GOD. A person put here to face many hard challenges, only to see if they will rise above...to face another challenge.
THUG (True Hero Under GOD) Song entitled by Z Ro...The real KING of the SOUTH!!!
by BIG SIN May 03, 2007
As Tupac defined it. "A thug is someone who came from oppressive or squalid background and little opportunity but still made a life for themselves and were proud"
Tupac was a real thug.
by Emcee Sicko May 31, 2007