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Finer than fine. So fine that you can't even get your words correct and it just slips out.
Damn you fwine girl.
by thirteen82 June 23, 2009
A term of endearment from a thug to his girl who is a fwine ass female of high status due to her being with a Thug of high status or authority. The thugness title should not be given to anyone except the person who shows that they can be fwine and hold their own at the same time.

No one else may use this title unless they be his lady. Using this term to a woman who is not yours goes to show how much of a thug your not.
You are my fwine ass thugness. There is no one else but you babe.
by thirteen82 June 23, 2009
the immediate thought, response or definition of character when you find out where a person is from

Pronounced: from-izm
"Hey you're from California? You must be a good surfer" = form of fromism
by thirteen82 February 08, 2013

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