A gun dropped by police at the scene of a shooting to justify the killing of an unarmed suspect
the wilshire guys brought extra throwdown guns
by earle lee September 14, 2003
A 275ml glass bottle of beer sold in cartons of 24. Cheap Beer :)
"A few of these throw-downs'll hit the spot"
by HEMI April 28, 2003
to fight or to drop some weed in a dutch
yo dis nigga tryna throwdown......yo u trya throwdown on this L
by b82y8hnekjah June 05, 2010
an act of sexual passion in which one of the persons involved is so overwhelmed with the urge to makeout/hookup/have sex with the other person that he or she loses contol, taking passionate, almost aggressive, charge and intensely makes out with them. this act may involve pushing someone against the wall on onto a bed and may also include grabbing of the face and hair.
"oh man, last night that guy at the bar had mad throwdown. he saw me, walked to me from across the room, pushed me against the wall and started intensely making out with me. i couldn't wait any longer so we went to his car and had the hottest sex!"
by courtneymiya March 01, 2006
To eat alot, usually reffering to munchies but not always.
Yo man I'm about to throw down on your refridgerator.
by Adrian November 05, 2004
1. To each contribute money into the purchase of a drug or booze.

"hey, ya wanna throwdown on a 20 sack? Ive got 10 on it"

"I have enough for a fifth, but if you are willing to throwdown we can get a half gallon?"
by dave m w October 29, 2007
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