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when school gets called on a count of snow and you and your friends go up to the local resort to hit up the fresh powder with no flatlanders or japanese tourists to fuck it up. a perfect day for shredding.
"Hey man theres no school... POW DAY!!!!!"
by boardsport7 January 26, 2008
term for a type of snowboarding jib that slants upward to a flat part and then slants downward again. exellent for showing off your skills.
"Dude, I totally nailed my backside 540 on that up flat down box."
by boardsport7 January 26, 2008
to totally nail every trick you do during snowboarding, skating, biking, etc... usually to impress a large number of people or to get on the cover of magazines of your respected sport.
1.)"dude we were totally throwing down for that boarding expo."

2."Hey, snowboarder magazine is gonna have a photoshoot up in tahoe so me and tim are gonna be throwing down up there, wanna come?"
by boardsport7 January 26, 2008
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