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a way to say something cool or someone real not scared
wow that fool is throw
that is a throw shirt
by lil jay February 17, 2005
A blow job. Derived from the act of ejactulating, or "throwing" your seamen on to or into a woman.
Yo man that chick is mad cute, I'd let her throw me off.
by Big boss man Brosi October 11, 2006
Offering to pay an amount of money on a shared sack of marijuana
I'll throw $40 on that quarter O.
by crybizzle September 28, 2004
a party usually with a DJ
You hittin' up that throw tonight?
by Ric Dank December 23, 2003
Not cool; Dumb; Bad
OMG get rid of that skirt its so throw!
by Josh  May 27, 2005