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Whoring, being a late night booty call, staying out all night to be used sexually by a person then dropped off at a destination close to home.

A THOT is any female or male that you meet at gas station, fast food restaurant, bar, clubs, chuckie cheese, movie theaters, shopping mall, etc... And you exchange numbers then converse on the phone for 72hours or LESS then you are in the bed with he/she having sexual relations that does not involve their own sexual pleasure basically getting used & abused,,,, That is a THOT that is called THOTTING or having a friend that is a THOTTIE friends that are THOTTIES meaning more than One.
Who thotting tonight?

Yo bro! Where the thotties at?

I'm thotting her then leaving her.

You shouldn't be In these streets thotting, Your much to young to be thotting.
by CamdenNJ March 15, 2014