a word used to refer to any item, place, event, feeling, matter/issue, detail, situation, course of action, idea, etc.
I can't find the thing.
Did you go to the thing?
The thing just got weird.
That's the thing to do.
I have to talk to you about the thing.

by gd January 27, 2003
Things can be anything that makes you laugh. Things is what its called when you are making jokes extremely slaphappy. It also is a phrase used when your at a loss for words, the phrase "Things!" with a wiggle of the fingers can bring a smile to anybodies face!
"Man, last night we said some things!"
by Doctor!! May 31, 2009
an apparently random activity or behavior that a given person or persons compulsively associate with specific circumstances. It may be because of a past association of the two activities. This term applies to personal traditions, some superstitions, and wider trends such as national proclivities.
We have this thing in my family where we sing Beatles songs whenever we eat pasta.

It's a thing with him that you can't look Billy Bob in the eyes or he'll refuse to speak with you.

I can't eat that. I have a thing about bananas.

Well, the first time Cynthia and I went on a date, we had lobster soup. So that's kind of a thing with us, and we try and have it on special occasions.

Me and Jeff call each other a 'robust fellow' whenever one of use scores a goal. It's a thing.

Listen, so what if you have issues about dog poop. Everybody's got their things. It's no big deal!

Man, people in Belgium have this weird thing where they eat french fries with mayonnaise.
by Chochacho August 03, 2006
1. A name for a couple, like a "pair" or a way to say that two people are going out. Not to be used for married people, it's usually used when someone suspects two people are going out, but doesn't know. Or they are telling someone that two people are going out.
1. "So, Josh and Brittany, I guess they're a "thing" now.
2. "Dude, so are Josh and Brittany, like, a "thing" or what?
by chicken butt July 13, 2003
Gettysburgian Term: When a group of fraternity brothers smoke copious amounts of high quality marijuana and proceed to engage in activities which must include (but are not limited to) watching gross pornographic clips, walking up stairs with a chair attached to one's back, and to jumping down library steps. This may be followed by or be preceded by a night of alcoholic consumption and incriminating photographs.
1. -When we do Things everything becomes Poop Rhinos.

-Poop Rhinos?

2. Hey Dude Membro. Wanna do Things? Lets do Things.
by TheArabianKnight December 22, 2009
1. an object-like being of sorts...

2. penis
stop playing with your thingy or else your milk-volcano will overflow!
by guitarist1 November 14, 2006
A Thing in this context refers to an extremely hot girl/woman. In this context, thing would replace regular terminology such as 'hottie, babe, stunner, glamour, hot girl etc'.

Obviously this can be used in plural form as well.

Additionally, a prefix can be added using a descriptive word to categorise the 'type' of thing, or the level of hotness/attractiveness of said thing.
Wow, look at those things across the road.

Oh my god you should have seen this thing at the gym last night.

Look over there; fashion things.

I want to destroy this thing that lives in my building, you should see her.
by Bellenders November 29, 2011

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