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the host of the colbert report, one of the two funniest people in the world, along with jon stewart
stephen colbert is fucking funny
by guitarist1 November 21, 2006
an awesome guitar that works great as a "special situation" guitar (a guitar used for only certain songs at shows due to it's superiority at a certain type of guitar tone) the sg tends to be a great heavy metal/hard rock guitar
SGs are kickass guitars
by guitarist1 November 18, 2006
the greatest band EVER!!! and if you don't think so you can go fuck yourself
some of my favorite songs by the beatles (in no particular order) please please me, hard days night, come together, revolution, here comes the sun, you never give me your money, paperback writer, help, yesterday, all you need is love, love me do, penny lane, strawberry fields forever, we can work it out, hey jude, taxman, day tripper, something, helter skelter, back in the ussr, and many many many many many many more
by guitarist1 November 19, 2006
1. an object-like being of sorts...

2. penis
stop playing with your thingy or else your milk-volcano will overflow!
by guitarist1 November 14, 2006
a stringed instrument that when played, will help you get laid
"I got genital herpes and inpregnated 2 chicks from playing guitar so much last night"
by guitarist1 November 14, 2006
deranged murderer of chickens
"Psycho Killer Qu'est-ce que c'est"- The Talking Heads on Colonel Sanders
by guitarist1 November 15, 2006

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