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slang for solid waste matter - aka shit
"After I got home, I had a nice long thickie in the bathroom....and felt great afterwards!"

- opposite of "thinnie" (pee)

by Holly December 05, 2007
Thickshake. Specifically referring to the range of delicious shakes served at the store 'Joocy Bite'.
"Dude, you gonna grab a Thickie from the bite?"
by Pesos February 27, 2008
Referring to a thick or voluptuous women.
"You didn't see them thighs?" she was a thickie fasho ! 👍🏿
by Deebombbitch June 08, 2016
juice + yogurt .
coined to set it apart from the ubiquitious smoothie.
mango juice + yogurt, drop in a few blueberries for a yummy treat!
by hytham_hammer July 13, 2005
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